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Natural rose water

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RoseSensation Rosewater is an excellent natural skin and spirit toner that improves general vitality.

It is rich in nutritional components that support your bright skin and improves its youthful appearance. The new edition of our USDA Organic Rose Hydrosol is 100% natural, certified organic, and pesticide free.

Can I use rosewater for dandruff and scalp dermatitis?

Natural Rose Hydrosol has strong antiseptic properties and helps soothe skin irritations. Skin inflammations are often caused by low-quality or aggressive shampoos, so we recommend you use our new sulfate-free shampoo, made with an all-natural formula.

Can I use rose water on irritated babies and toddlers?

Rosewater helps babies relax

Natural and pure Rosa Damascena hydrosol is safe for the whole family, even for little kids and babies. It will calm and relax them and improve their sleep in general. The lack of good sleep is the main reason for having fussy, irritated, and grumpy kids.
For deep, restful sleep for kids, diffuse natural rose water for 30 minutes in your child's room before bedtime. Adding rosewater to the bath can also be used as an addition.

Is natural rose water good for sunburn?

It contains many substances that soothe burnt and irritated skin after sun exposure.
It also can cool off overheated skin. Because of this ability is used extensively in traditional medicine in case of fever.
Another essential thing to note is that natural rose water can interact with free radicals and neutralize them, especially after sunbathing.

What do we forget most often? 

This is the spiritual sitе of life. We do not exist only on a physical level; we also have a spirit and soul.
We often turn to the spiritual only when we feel terrible or are at the bottom. All this can be prevented by daily or frequent spiritual cleansing or washing.
In ancient times, medicine paid full attention to spiritual health and purity, and then on to the body because when your spirit is healthy, your body is healthy too.
It all starts with our thinking.
We offer you practical, natural, and straightforward means of spiritual washing for us and our home. 

Home Remedies with Rosewater

A spiritual bath 
We recommend it at least once weekly to clear spiritual impurities and negative emotional congestion.
Give yourself an hour, just "Me, myself, and I."
Be ready with your favorite soothing music, or just tune into the silence.
Add one 500ml bottle of Rose Water to your warm bath and deep in. 
For the next 30 minutes, try to think of something happy. Do not forget to turn OFF your phone!

A spiritual washing of our home

Rosewater is a powerful spiritual home cleanser

Our home is where we usually rest in the evening or after a stressful day, so it is important to be calm with good positive energy.
In a bucket with water, we recommend you add a drop or a few of Dawn soap and one bottle of Rose Water, then mop the floor in your home. Spraying and diffusing rose water is a helpful option.
If your family is often arguing, you can put salt in every corner of your kitchen and family rooms or any room where the family stays together.

How many different sizes of USDA Organic Natural Rose Water do we have?

For your comfort and convenience, we have two sizes: large and travel size.

  1. A large 500ml pack ensures you have enough for more significant projects in your daily routine.
  • How about your body? It is getting older too, and you cannot leave it like that. You can take a nourishing and soothing bath for it.
  • regularly making compresses for tired eyes
  • teenagers with acne
  1. Small, compact, and comfy size for easy carrying and always at hand 
  • regularly spray your hair wherever you are to nourish it and make it shiny
  • regularly spray your face and neck whenever you want to freshen up or rejuvenate your skin
  • when traveling, if you feel sick or if you have nausea.