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May Rose Harvest - the seasons of beauty and aroma

beautiful girl is smelling rose during the harvest of Rosa Damascena

May is that time of the year when the earth wakes up. The time when everything has already bloomed. Time for Rose Harvest.

We love that season of beauty in which we enjoy the smell of the rose fields and marvel at the beautiful colors of mother nature. As a company committed only to enriching nature and deriving its most valuable properties, we celebrate this season with a tribute to HER - Rosa Damascena and the many women working the rose fields.

Rose harvest is one of the most significant, delicate, and costly aspects of Rose Oil production. Rosebuds are harvested from late spring through early summer. After opening, the rose flower remains on the branch for a short time. If you wait too long, the color will fade and turn white. As a result, open flowers must be harvested every day before sunrise, ideally in cool morning temperatures. Rose petals are most numerous during this season, and the petals are exceptionally moist and fresh. So, early in the morning is the best time to select roses before daybreak.

The custom of rose harvesting stretches back to the Middle Ages

As a Women to Women Business, we pride ourselves on providing many young Bulgarian Women with this opportunity and knowledge of the rose oil production business. Our workers hand-pick each rose petal to make the most out of the Essential Rose Oils. The lengthy process gives seasonal workers and many part-time workers opportunities to earn additional income. It is a tradition for many families to participate.

Essential Rose Oil is also known as Liquid Gold. One gram of it requires 2,000 rosebuds, which must be picked in the early morning dew.
Bright sunlight and heat rapidly worsen the quality of rosebuds and petals, and they lose their smell.

After harvesting the flowers, they should be maintained as much as possible in the shade and in a cold spot to slow the drying process and ensure the most excellent possible quality of the petals.

The quality of a good Rose Oil goes a long way since this is the essential oil ingredient in every perfume in the world.

Did you know? 

Did you know rose harvest is also the season of love spells? The tradition centuries ago was that young women used the mystic nights filled with the scent of Rosa Damascena to make spells of love, marriage, and childbirth. Young women believed that by doing these spells in May, they would marry by the end of the year. 


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