Our genesis goes back to rose gardens planted on ancient lands, where our ancestors spread seeds of Rosa damascena beneath the warm, healing sun. It took generations of sacred knowledge to perfect our craft, spinning practice into beauty.

Each rose petal is hand-plucked at peak perfection, no sooner or later than when nature intended to achieve excellence- delicate, soft, subtle hues of pink or red. This is the wisdom our ancestors passed on, and we honor it in every skincare product we carefully formulate.

Alchemy truly lives in our process. From the natural ingredients we cultivate to the power behind our mission, it’s all for you, sharing the healing powers of Rosa damascena to uplift and soothe your skin, mind, and spirit.

Our skincare line brings a refreshing, nurturing way to unlock the divine feminine within. Nature- harvested through an age-old artform to reveal our magic elixir- Rose Sensation. Experience the luxe healing, anti-aging, and moisturizing power of the roses our ancestors taught us to celebrate.

Rose Sensation is highly rated and it's in the top 5 rose oil skincare brands in the USA.