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Summer, Love, and Rose Oil - 7 essential oils to increase your libido

No wonder we find ourselves in love during spring and summer's warm months. Statistics show that more people often make more love in the summer. The hot weather improves the mood, the sun tan pleases the eyes, and the light summer breeze increases our longing for intimacy. 

Summer vacation is also when we are relaxed and more rested, which is also a factor in increased sexual libido. 

7 essential oils to increase your libido. Natural aphrodisiacs are very effective in improving your sexual enhancement without adding extra toxins to your liver.

Despite the pleasant weather, however, some people still experience difficulties when it comes to sexuality. For that, we can blame permanent stress, lack of good nutrition, and mental and emotional distress.

Here are some valuable tips that can help you improve your libido and performance. 

Natural aphrodisiacs

If you are a fan of the natural way of life (holistic lifestyle) and

If you don't want to burden your liver with extra toxins, here are a few

natural aromatherapeutic aphrodisiacs for sexual enhancement



1. Rose oil

2. Ylang Ylang

3. Sandalwood

4. Vanilla

5. Cinnamon

6. Patchouli

7. Tonka


All of these home remedies will balance and uplift your vitality and tone. 
We strongly recommend rose oil.


If we had to rank aromatherapy aphrodisiacs by strength, we would put the rose oil first. It works just as well for women as well as men.

Since ancient times, Rose Otto has been praised for its voluptuous properties and complex impact on body, spirit, and mind.

Historical records indicate that even Cleopatra, for example, was an enormous fan of rose oil because of its voluptuous effects on libido and its rejuvenating skin properties.

In ancient times, this luxurious elixir was available only to the richest.

Today we make it available to every connoisseur of the native way of life with

Rose Sensation Natural Skincare Line


How does Rose Oil Improve sexuality?

Like everything in the universe, we are energy. But we often overlook little things like building up stress and anxiety, low self-esteem, and insecurity. 

Reducing all those with Rose Aromatherapy promotes self-confidence and significantly enhances the natural sexual drive. 

Summer, nice weather, however, some people still experience difficulty when it comes to sexuality.
Aromatherapy  Energy Healing
Rose oil is successfully used in aromatherapy to eliminate insurance and fight stress. It opens the heart to love and uplifts the mood, making you feel self-confident and growing sexual desire. That's why the roses are generally always associated with romances.  Rose oil stimulates complex third, second and first chakras responsible for love and human sexuality.
The heart chakra is the main energy portal in humans. The Rose Oil affects first third one and then descends down to the second and first chakra

Sandalwood essential oil is also recognized natural aphrodisiac that can boost libido. 

You can use regular massage oil and a few drops of sandalwood essential oil. Then, apply the mixture to your body.

As mentioned above, Patchouli, essential oil, is also on the list of ancient aphrodisiacs, increases libido by elevating estrogen and testosterone and lowering sexual anxiety, allowing you to perform better and experience a pleasure for longer. Use Patchouli to set the tone for some satisfying release by diffusing it or adding a few drops to heavy base oil, such as hempseed.

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