On Christmas Eve, angels are coming to the Earth to open our heard to accept endless God's love and pure joy

The Age of God’s Love & Pure Joy

On Christmas Eve, before gathering with the people you love and support, be alone with yourself and listen to the silence. 

In the silence, hear the footsteps of the angels around us, feel their lush when they move around you. You might even hear their wings flutter or smell their ethereal rose aroma.

What happened in Jerusalem thousands of years ago?

Many years ago, divine love and joy were born on Earth with the birth of Jesus.
Our society at that time was not ready for this, so not ready that no place and mercy was found for the expecting mother, and the king of the light was born in a barn.
Of course, for the divine light the place doesn't matter. It is like a phoenix and can rise from the ashes and brighten the gloom.

Those who saw the illuminating star above Bethlehem, knew about the coming of the new age of light and came to worship the newborn Jesus and spread God's love and endless joy to the Earth.

They brought gifts to the newborn king, not to lay the foundations for the big Christmas shopping but to pay tribute to the light that had come to illuminate the darkness in our world.

What is actually Christmas?

Christmas is not the big shopping spree, exchanging tons of unnecessary gifts that people then return or simply throw away.  If you think... other than good health and happiness, we do not need something else.
The foundation of good health and happiness is love and joy - "the more, the more," says Winnie the Pooh. 
The more love and joy we have in our hearts, the more we have everything.
Of course we love shoppers and value our clients. Do not misunderstand us!
what we try to say is buy as much as you need.

On this night, find yourself, listen to yourself and open your heart to accept love. Clean your heart like you do a spring cleaning of your home. Gather all old pains and insults and drop them in a box - do this symbolically- imagine it. The size of the box depends on how much you need to clean. Then find the ambition, envy the hatred, and throw them into the box along with pain and insults. Then with the fire of forgiveness, light them up and burn them - you don't need them anymore. Watch them burning and rejoice that in your heart, there is more room for love and joy to fulfill you with radiance. Your whole world will change just because you have changed and you have chosen the light.

divine love and joy were born on Earth with the birth of Jesus


How will you explain to our children what real Christmas is?

What would you say to your kids if they asked you what Christmas is? Would you mind telling them about Jesus?! Or will you continue to teach them every year to expect crazy and meaningless gifts?! We buy them electronic games and then complain about their electronic addiction. Isn't it better to give them true happiness by teaching them to open their hearts to God's love and joy? Children have purer hearts than us and more chances to become more and lighter than us.

RoseSensation contribution to the path to true love

RoseSensation is an assistant on the path of our spiritual elevation.
The aroma of Rosa Damascena naturally opens the heart and naturally fills it with love, promoting joy, positive thinking, and confidence. Rose aroma centers us and helps us find ourselves and hear our thoughts. It helps us take the burden of fears off our shoulders, making us lighter and more ethereal. 

Merry Christmas to us all!

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