Why is essential to be feminine? Blog post by RoseSensation

Why is essential to be feminine?

Not only from the outside but also from the inside, we need to have a feminine radiance.

Today in our modern society where striving, ambition and action are the most valued, many women wonder why they are lonely! - These qualities are inherent in masculinity. When women develop them, we shift the center and leave no room for men. Gentlemens like to be strong, active, and protective, and if we are like that, what should they do next to us? The main reason for harmonic relationships is the opposition of femininity and masculinity.

The reason for all our problems is always within us.

Many will not agree with me, but it is true. We do not have control over others, but we do have control over our lives when we begin to change, and our world begins to change to.
So, ladies, your feminine world starts with you - look at you, how powerful you are! You are the reason for everything in your life.

5 reasons to awaken our femininity?

But what's wrong with me? Why should I do that? -There are many reasons to be more feminine.
The awakening of our femininity would be a reason for many changes in our world. It would lead to healthier and more harmonious relationships between men and women. Children raised in a warm and balanced environment are more confident and creative and have high self-esteem.

1.Improves health

When we stimulate feminine energy in ourselves, then our emotional ocean turns into a calm, quiet bay, then our energy flow will work better and will be a reason to increase in general spiritual and physical tonus.

2. Increases intuition

An integral part of femininity is intuition. The more feminine we are, the better our intuition is. Naturally, women have a stronger intuition. A legend tells us that the creator gave men five directions for guidance in our world. They are east, west, north, and south, and the fifth is the most important - the intuition, to light our way even in the darkest times. This direction is hidden in the heart, and women more often follow their hearts, so this is a big reason to keep your femininity strong by not replacing it with ambition.

3. It brings harmony to the home

The energy of any family home depends on the woman. She turns into the energy center of the house. 
The home is warm and full of positive energy if the women is calm and harmonious. The people living in this home are friendly and cheerful, with big smiles.

4. The children are calm

Children who grow up in families with calm and harmonious mothers feel centered and more confident. They don't turn to alcohol and drugs later in life because they don't feel a void.
Children raised in harmonious homes do not get sick.

5. Men are more prosperous 

When the woman in a relationship or family has a soft femineity radiance and is balanced and harmonious, the man next to her is also more prosperous because he has the opportunity to develop his masculine potential. There is always a center in the relationship. When a woman has well-developed femininity, there is an equally well-developed man in opposition on the axis; this could be wife and husband or mother and son.

Awaking our femineity is turning us into queen of tenderness - RoseSensation


Many factors determine our inner peace.

Daily stress is something we can't ignore or bypass, but we can improve. My way of dealing with this is to keep strong inner peace. It sounds phantasmagoric, but it works. Whatever comes to me, I do not allow anxiety to creep into me. At first, I did it with conscious control over my thoughts, but now I don't need it anymore, it acts like behavior.
Sometimes I still feel fear in my heart, and then I put a drop of diluted rose oil on the heart’s chakra to increase the positive power of the heart and kick off the fear out of my feminine world. 

What is the reason to create RoseSensation

RoseSensation, a powerful formula with rose oil and rosewater is just another helper in your feminine journey to discover your beautiful self and support you in your personal battle with fears, stress, and emotional imbalance.
Rosa Damascena is the most potent herb created by mother nature to support our feminine nature. It helps us become more calm and balanced, strengthens intuition and mutes the accusations, removes sadness and fears from the heart, and makes room for joy.

Imagine if we become calmer; everything around us will quiet down and change its vibration. Being still is not easy for many, but at least give it a try. Remember the little things can be a reason for significant changes.

Here is a small challenge you can try, then write back to me with any changes.

Try not to rush to work within a week.

Here are some recommendations for this challenge:

  • Take enough time for your morning routines. 
  • Remember to love yourself and look good. The main thing is when looking in the mirror to be satisfied with what you are seeing. 
  • Whatever happens, pay no attention to it, have rigorous control over your thoughts, and do not let the fear of being late (even if you are late) creep into you. 

You can support yourself with diluted rose oil on the energy points or in the heart chakra area.

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