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Rose Sulfate-free Haircare Set for Women

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Do you picture yourself with a lush and thick mane like Rapunzel? We won't promise you a miracle, but this Rose Hair Set will significantly improve the appearance of your hair, its thickness, and its elasticity.

In the spiritual world, a woman's strength is measured by the strength of her hair. If it is thick and heavy, then know that nature has endowed you with enormous feminine power.
To help you improve your beauty and spiritual strength, we have gathered in this luxurious Rose Hair Set the best natural care, both on a physical and spiritual level.
These two products, Shampoo and Conditioner, are created to work together and are aimed to moisturize and nourish.

Few simple steps for strong hair

What are the sample steps for beautiful, strong hair?

  • Nourishing and Moisturizing
  • Our shampoo and conditioner have provided you with some of the most luxurious natural ingredients for beautiful and healthy hair, and increased general vitality and tone with the healing rose aromatherapy we have woven into our formula.

  • Sleep well
  • Since we cannot eliminate stress, sleep more and better so you can take the daily shock wave calmly. One of the first places where stress appears is the hair and skin. You will see the difference in a month if you get at least one extra hour of sleep per day + quality natural cosmetics.
    "I can't; I don't have time" - look at the schedule and rearrange it. Remember that your health starts with you. Your health does not begin when visiting your doctor. Little changes make significant differences.
    An hour more sleep will improve our whole world, emotional, spiritual, and physical. The natural rose scent also has the ability to deeply soothe, and make us feel safe and secure, which will also increase the quality of our sleep.

  • Eat healthy food 
  • Everything in our world is connected; what we eat is who we are. The more quality and primarily vegetarian food we eat, the better we look.

    Why to use natural shampoos and conditioners?

    We believe in the power of nature and think there is nothing more suitable for us people on this planet than what mother nature gives us. Our vibrations are in unison.
    We are in symbiosis with nature and an essential part of it. Nature usually gives us a positive charge, but we don't respond significantly to it when we pollute the environment and destroy the ecosystem around us just with simple shampooing, for example.
    And believe it or not, when we use synthetic cosmetics, water waste is not biodegradable but remains and increases general environmental pollution.
    That's why we made our products natural: we care about what we will leave behind.

    Why haircare with rose oil and water?

    The nutrients that rose oil and water content cannot be compared to any other natural oil, as well as their general effect on the skin, femininity, and self-esteem.
    Since ancient times, women from regions where Rosa Damascena was grown have known the power of this herb and used it to improve female strength and appearance in general.

    Rose Sensation haircare set for curly hair?

    Natural care for curly hair

    This RoseSensation set loves curls. Curls are the most beautiful gift nature can give to someone. 
    Usually, they are accompanied by increased acidity and look dry, but Rose Water will balance your PH and moisturize.
    All the nourishing components of the rose oil and hydrosol in the conditioner will nourish, hydrate, and soften the hairs of the head, heal and improve their structure and elasticity. It will make your curls tidy and beautiful. 

    Rose Sensation haircare set for thinner hair?

    This type needs our RoseSensation Signature Set the most. Because of the solid nourishing abilities Rosa Damascena has, it will improve the blood circulation on the scalp, improve the hair's structure, strengthen the roots, and stimulates new hair growth. Our shampoo will gently wash without being aggressive, and the conditioner will let it breathe, which is essential in this case.
    You also may add to your daily routine Rosewater Spray for additional nourishing. Also, try to wash your hair at least every other day.

    Enjoy our RoseSensation Signature Set!