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  • Natural rose shampoo โ€“ RoseSensation
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Natural rose shampoo

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RoseSensation Sulfate-free Shampoo is made with all-natural ingredients, vegan, and with a powerful formula with rose oil and rose water. It is created to support us, the women, spiritually, anti-aging, and to help awaken our divine femininity.
We made it sulfate and paraben-free, with even more rose oil and rosewater to nourish your beautiful hair and energy. As an eco-oriented company, we made our natural shampoo cruelty-free and did not test it on animals. We value our nature and have made our new packs recyclable.

Shampoo with natural ingredients-RoseSensation

How will the healing ingredients in our natural shampoo help your hair?

  • It will strengthen the roots of the hairs
  • Restores hair's structure and health.
  • Heal fungal diseases of the scalp.
  • Safe for any type

Why should I choose RoseSensation Eco and Natural Shampoo?

It has been made to foam softly and washes gently. The hair becomes soft as silk and can comb easily. The combination of rose oil and hydrosol nourishes the roots and strengthens them. Improve the blood circulation of the scalp, which is an essential prerequisite for a healthy tick mane. On the other hand, the nourishing and regenerating properties of rose water strengthen the cuticle connections, nourish, and smooths up the hairs; as a result, the hair becomes more shiny and healthy with a gentle rose aroma.

Do you know thatย a healthy person's hair contains 100,000 to 150,000 hairs with a density of up to 200 hairs per square cm? Generally, between 80-120 hairs are lost daily, growing by about 1 cm every month.

What if I have oily hair?

Rose oil has the ability to balance the PH of the scalp and sebum production of the sebaceous glands, making the hair look clean, tidy, and well-nourished. Therefore, our natural rose shampoo is universal for every type.

What if I have dandruff or even a fungal infection?

The powerful formula we created with rose oil and hydrosol is rich in anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and antibacterial compounds such as eugenol, camphene, alpha-pinene, benzaldehyde, beta-pinene, carvone, cinnamaldehyde, and citronellol.
This rich composition intensely treats skin irritations, dermatitis, dandruff, and fungal infections. At the same time, all nourishing rose compounds accelerate the regeneration of the epidermis.

Why should I use a natural shampoo?

Why sulfate-free shampoo?By washing the scalp's dirt, shampoos with sulfate also clean the naturally produced oils, which are intended to protect and nourish the skin. Natural ones handle this.

Have you ever used a sulfate-free shampoo?

If you haven't used a sulfate-free shampoo before, be aware that it foams differently, and at first, you may sense that your scalp is not washed well. This feeling is because previously, products with sulfate foamers washed away the naturally produced oils from your hair oil glands. The sense of cleanliness created in you includes this aggressive washing. Getting used to our new sulfate-free shampoo will take some time because your shiny hair will look well-washed and, at the same time, well-nourished and silky-soft.

What is spiritual washing?

What is spiritual wash for hair?

Most of us think the spiritual hygiene of our head is not that important, and we turn to it only when we start to feel bad. We recommend turning it into a daily routine to wash away the negative energy accumulations from the day, especially before bed, if you want to sleep better. This process can be accomplished with different means and in different ways. We offer a straightforward and effective solution for a spiritual daily head wash with our natural shampoo enriched with rose water and oil. These two ingredients have been highly valued in the spiritual world as powerful spiritual cleansers used for psychic smog.