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Rose Oil

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Hundreds of our customers have begged us to sell them from our rose oil or asked where to find premium quality - in response to your thousands of inquiries; we created a pure RoseSensation rose oil product to help ease your search for this liquid gold.

Do you know that we are producing our rose oil?

Our rose distillery in Rose Valley

As you already know, we grow our roses and have been doing so for generations.
Our rose gardens are in the Rose Valley, and this small part of Bulgaria produces ⅔ of the total world production of Rosa Damascena essential oil.
Our distillery's location is essential because it is crucial to be very close to the fields and to have fresh hand-picked rose flowers picked early in the morning before sunrise when the roses are at their richest in essential oils.

How do we grow our roses?

Being farmers for generations, we love our roses like our children. We do not use pesticides and heavy equipment when growing them; everything is processed manually. Our fields are also home to many creatures, snakes, birds, and field mice... rest assured that we respect nature and try to preserve the entire ecosystem around us.

Why Bulgarian Rose Oil?

The finest premium rose oil worldwide is Bulgarian.
Back in the ranking remain rose oil produced in Turkey or Morocco.
The rose oil produced in Bulgaria has an intensive, long-lasting aroma and is rich in nourishing antioxidants and antiseptic properties. 

How is Bulgarian rose oil different? 

Bulgarian Rosa Damascena is a unique species

The concentration of Nerol, Granola, and Citronerol is very high in Bulgarian Rose Oil compared with Turkish and Moroccan rose oils.
Bulgarian Rose Oil has more than 300 compounds, most of them medicinal.
"Bulgarian rose oil" is registered in European Union as a unique one-of-a-kind, without analog species, typically only the Rose Valley region “protection under Regulation (EU) No. 1151/2012”

Home remedies with Rose Oil

  • Mask for thin, damaged, and stressed hair -
    Mix 100 ml of olive oil with three drops of rose oil and seven drops of lavender oil.

Use your fingers to apply this mixture to the root with light massaging movements. Then apply the mixture along the length of the hair. 
The same mask can also be used for oily hair. Do not apply to the roots, but only along the length of the hair.
In both cases, wash your hair after 1 hour.
As you may have noticed, when we experience stress, it shows up first in our hair; that’s why we say “stressed hair.”
In addition to nourishing properties for the hairs and roots, this mask with rose and lavender oil will help you relax and calm down.

  • Bathing in grief

Prepare a warm bath and pour a tablespoon of baking soda. Then, prepare a tablespoon of sea salt (it can also be ordinary). After that, drip 3-5 drops of rose oil on the salt. Then add everything to the ready bath. Mix and add your favorite RoseSensation Shower Gel for a better result. Play your favorite music and immerse yourself

  • For natural perfumers

The aroma of our Rose oil is mature, bitter greenish (connoisseurs know that this is also one of the ways to recognize the natural and high-quality rose oil), slightly explosive at first, but soft and gentle after when it is oxidized and combined with the other aromatic oils. Our Rose oil has honey and fruity underlayer. 

Note that our rose oil blends very well with any essential oil; therefore, it is at the heart of any perfume. It all depends on what you want to achieve with the aroma story.

Our favorite combinations are:

  • Red grapefruit makes the aroma incredibly light, chatty, and euphoric.
  • The combination with orange oil will enhance the fruity shade
  • The combination with benzo makes the aroma profound.
  • Laudanum oil enhances the water element in the fragrance.

Go deep in our RoseSensation rose oil aroma, but please let us know what you have discovered during your aromatic meditation and spiritual travel. 

Ingredients /INCI/: Rosa Damascena Oil