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Lotion for Body

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Throughout all four seasons, RoseSensation Body Lotion will hug you whenever you need it.

  • It will nourish your beautiful skin during the spring, exhausted by the long winter. It will restore its shine and brightness.
  • During the summer, it will soothe the slightly sunburned epidermis.
  • It will clear the surface of your incredible body during the fall, make you feel more feminine than ever, and help you love yourself.
  • During the winter, it will warm and hug you nicely and make you feel safe and confident in yourself because of the magic oil and natural ingredients we have input.

What have we put inside?

Natural ingredients with rose oil and rosewater

In the composition of our moisturizer, we have added Rose Otto and Rose Water. One of the most desirable and luxurious ingredients in the cosmetics industry. 
Growing Rosa Damascena and distilling rose products has been our family tradition for centuries; this allows us to use high-quality and authentic oil and hydrosol in our cosmetics.

Why should I choose RoseSensation Body Lotion?

Our skin-care product has many benefits for our bodies and spirits.
Our most significant advantage is the potent formula with Rosa Damascena otto and hydrosol. No other herb works so well for women in general, both on a psychological level and, at the same time, preventing skin aging.

What makes the Lotion for Body of RoseSensation better?

The most prominent of our moisturizer is that it contains genuine rose oil; no other natural aromatic products can match its power.

Aromatherapy properties 

soothes and helps to overcome fears.

Spiritual benefits

balances the chakras and awakens femininity and confidence.

Anti-aging power

stimulates collagen production, firms the skin, tightens capillary walls, and improves blood circulation.


Usage if body lotion-RoseSensation

What happens with regular use of RoseSensation Body Lotion?

After daily use of our moisturizer, the skin becomes tight, bright, clear, and healthy. It will improve the skin's elasticity.

For cellulite on the thighs, we recommend using our body lotion, drinking at least 2 liters of water a day, and scrubbing massage before a shower with used coffee from your coffee machine. (mixture the used already coffee from your coffee machine with a bit of olive oil. Then with gentle massage movements, massage the zone with cellulite on your thighs). Making such exfoliating masks will remove dead cells. Coffee exfoliation combined with this miracle botanical and drinking plenty of water will significantly improve your skin's elasticity and tones, and the Rosa Damascena oil and olive oil will nourish, moisturize and tighten the epidermis.
And if you add an extra hour of sleep and love to yourself - you will be perfect.

Rosa Damascena promotes positive thinking

For deep sadness
We recommend a warm bath with baking soda, and then after that, follow up with Rose Sensation Body Moisturizer. Baking soda combined with Rosa Damascena oil has a powerful cleansing ability. The aroma of Rosa Damascena will embrace you gently and calm you down.

Naturally, rose oil and water are rich in antioxidants and skin-nourishing ingredients. Since ancient times, it has been of high value to wealthy women for its remarkable properties to keep the skin young.

Varicose veins
Regarding Varicose veins, rose oil improves blood circulation and enhances the elasticity of vens’ walls. We recommend that you start to take care of your feet from an early age, especially if you have a genetic predisposition. Don't think you can do a miracle when the veins are loose and lumpy.
We highly recommend walking and walking again in combination with good natural firming cosmetics, especially with rose oil + drinking plenty of water.

Spider veins and rosacea
These two diseases are related to problems in the capillaries,
But this miracle oil maintains the tiny veins just below the skin's surface.
That is widely used as a healing ingredient in medical treatments for spider veins and rosacea.