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Hair Conditioner

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RoseSensation Conditioner is natural, does not make build-ups, and leaves the hair to breathe. Beautiful hair is significant to the appearance of every woman. Everyone would admire a healthy, shiny, flowing mane with the scent of rose.
Well-maintained mane is also a sign of love and self-respect, but not an easy job.

What do we recommend for healthy hair?

  • Use natural conditioners
  • Do not use a hairdryer or press
  • Allow hair to air dry naturally after washing
  • Eat quality food
  • Sleep more

Many ladies do not take adequate care of it, some because they do not have time and others because they do not know how. We have created a straightforward solution - our natural conditioner- for all who lack time and knowledge. 

Why should I use natural rose conditioners?

Natural rose conditioner-RoseSensation

First, because they do not make build-ups and suffocate, they will leave it to breathe, which in turn helps it to stop breaking and become healthy and robust. Our natural moisturizer nourishes because it contains natural rose oil, hydrosol, and substances.
These natural compounds feed, repair, and improve cuticle and overall texture and shine.

Why was the conditioner created?

The moisturizer's function is to soften and make it easy to comb, tidy, nourish and give it an additional fragrance.

How to use RoseSensation conditioner?

You should apply the conditioner along the length of the hairs, not the roots, as many think. This hair moisturizer is not designed to nourish roots. It is created to take care of the length. Soften and moisturize them after washing. 
After shampooing, gently pat the water out of the hair with a towel and apply it along the length of it from roots to edges, leaving it on for a few minutes, then rinse it.

Why conditioner with Rose Oil and Hydrosol?

Conditioner with rose oil and hydrosol-RoseSensation

These two are one of the most luxurious ingredients in the haircare industry. Naturally, Rosa Damascena is called the queen of flowers, and this is because all aroma products delivered from this herb are affluent in nourishing and moisturizing compounds. This miracle botanical oil maintains and improves blood circulation, feeds the hair, and turns it into a trick and shiny mane. Rose water enables the ability to comb and prevent frizzy hair quickly. After consistently using rose sensation shampoo and conditioner, hair appears thicker and healthier.  

What if my hair is treated?

Using natural conditioners to protect and nourish it as much as possible is even better. Since there are no aggressive ingredients, our conditioner is gentler and extends the life of the applied color. 

What is the history of the conditioners?

In 1900, for the world expo in Paris, the famous perfumer Ed Pinaud created a product called Brilliantine, which was a great success.
Believe it or not, this contemporary product was created initially for men to soften their beards and mustaches. Women also start liking it and start using it to soften and shine. Thus, conditioners for women's hair also began to be produced.