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Natural rose water spray and refiller

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Our Rosewater is 100% pure and natural, without preservatives and artificial additives. There are two variations:

  1. Compact travel size spray of 50 ml, for your convenience, so that you can always have it with you whenever you need it
  2. A large 500ml bottle - a refill so you can refill the spray when it runs out or cover significant needs like washing your hair, whether for a spiritual purpose or to nourish your hair, or for a ritual washing of your home.

How is rose hydrosol produced?

How do we produce rosewater?

It is obtained through water-steam distillation of FRESH Rosa Damascena Flowers; during the distillation, there is a separation process, where we receive two aromatic products, rose otto and rosewater. Flowers must be fresh, just picked to get all these nutrition and healing properties that the queen of flowers gives us.

Can rosewater be made at home?

Authentic rosewater cannot be obtained at home:

  1. Because you need professional steam distillation equipment
  2. Rosa Damascena hydrosol is one of the products obtained during the steam distillation of Rosa Damascena Oil.
  3. Freshly picked Rosa Damascena flowers are required.

How to identify pure rosewater?

  1. You can first pay attention to the product's label, where the ingredients are described. It should say only one ingredient “Rosa Damascena Flower Water” or “Rosa Damascena Hydrosol.” A single ingredient is a proof that there are no preservatives or artificial aroma boosts. Real rose water contains natural rose oil, a natural preservative that helps maintain it.
  2. The aroma: notice that premium-quality rosewater has a slightly bitter aroma at first, and the rose shade in the scent comes after the oxidation

If you get the rosey aroma at the beginning, this aroma for sure has been modified with an aroma boost.

Aromatherapy benefits of rosewater

What are the aromatherapy benefits?

  • Removes sadness
    You can spray yourself whenever you feel upbeat or sad.
    Inhaling the rose aroma will stimulate the production of endorphins in your brain, and this will help you feel calm and more relaxed.
  • relieve headaches
    As mentioned above, rosewater soothes tension, and anxiety commonly causes headaches. In this case, you can make a soothing compress on your forehead, and why not on your eyes to let them rest?
  • Boost our self-esteem and confidence
    We recommend an aromatherapy bath at least once a week to improve our self-esteem and physical and emotional tone and take care of our beautiful skin.

Did you know that this is what Cleopatra has also done?

Could the rosewater be drinkable?

We do not recommend the digestive consumption of Rosa Damascena Hydrosol, even though our product is pure and natural. Actual rose water is very concentrated and causes stomach irritation. It can be used as a natural flavor in confectionery but in a limited amount. However, it can be helpful for dental problems such as periodontitis and can be effectively treated with rose water because of its antiseptic properties. It also relieves gum inflammation and eliminates bad breath; just used as a natural mouth rinse.

Directions: Spray Rose Sensation Rose Water on your hands, face, and neckline, keep wet to dry naturally without wiping or drying up your skin

Ingredients /INCI/: Rosa Damascena Flower Water.