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Moisturizing shampoo

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RoseSensation Shampoo aims to improve the texture of the hair by washing it without being aggressive, nourishing, moisturizing, and making it easy to comb. 
We have included in its formula the ancient wisdom of awakening female power, combined with the new cosmetic technologies.

Why did we create this shampoo?

Why natural shampoo?

We had seen many women who had fantastic hair when they were young and then turned into brooms over the years. Of course, they didn't become witches. It's just that the stress is ruining us all. That's why we created our natural shampoo to nourish and strengthen the hair by weaving in our formula powerful healing aromatherapy with Rosa Damascena, to calm, relax and help you find inner peace. It will wash away impurities and negative energy. At the same time, it also helps nourish your crown chakra.

Why rose oil and rose water shampoo?

As the Queen of Roses, Rosa Damascena is known for its rich chemical composition, with most of the components being nourishing, antimicrobial, or antiseptic. This property makes this shampoo suitable for all hair types, with all skin problems, from dandruff to fungal infections. Our products help treat scalp inflammation quickly. The other fundamental reason is that stress is a significant destroyer of hair; this is the first place it is physically seen. Rosa Damascena has the property of relaxing and calming down. It will stop all internal conflicts and help you find inner peace.

What does standard shampoo?

We often use good-smelling cosmetics or standard ones with silicone. But what happens to our hair afterward? Washing cosmetics with silicone, for example, the immediate effect after use is WAW, but the secondary, overtime effect is tragic. The silicone suffocates the hairs, and it starts to break. Also, cause massive hairloss.

How does Rosa Damascena help femininity?

Rosa Damascena awakens femininity

Since ancient times, the women of the Middle East and Bulgaria have known about the incredible power of this herb to help women. Rosa Damascena, followed by Anchilia Milfloy, are the herbs that solve most female problems. Both herbs can awaken divine femininity, purify the spirit, and transform the sharpness of our character into goodness.

Why awaken our femininity?

In the 80s of the 20th century, there was a boom in women's emancipation. The emphasis fell on gender equality. We started wearing pants and having short hair, but we are not equal by nature; you can't be equal to someone who has another function and is very different from us. We have lost our femininity in trying to be equal to men. There is nothing wrong with wearing pants and short hair, but let's not forget that our nature is different. We carry radically different energy than that of a man.
Feminine receive, masculine gives.
Women are an ocean of emotion, just like the river water, which changes every minute and is never the same. We women think about several things simultaneously and see the details. And the man is straightforward and constructive. Both are wonderful, but only when they fulfill their roles: for a man to be a man and a woman to be a woman.
Every woman is pleased when she feels 100% woman. This feeling came from us, not from the men. Femininity is something only we can control because it is part of us.