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  • Gift bag for travel with sanitizer, rose water spray, hand cream – RoseSensation
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Gift bag for travel with sanitizer, rose water spray, hand cream

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In RoseSensation Travel Set, we put our compact products for your best convenience.

  • Rosewater Spray
  • Hand Sanitizer
  • Hand Cream

RoseSensation Travel Set is always there for you. 

Whether you are a traveling business lady or a mom, these three buddies are a great addition to our handy arsenal. Whether dealing with itchy, dry hands or just scratched knees, these incredible three products are coming to the rescue.

Why travel size set?

We know that bags are like black holes and can hold everything, but the compact size of the travel kit is critical when you are flying on a plane or sending your child to school, for example.
In this compact set of natural products, we put everything we think is necessary as mothers and traveling ladies. To make your life easier, we added everyday use items that we may sometimes forget to bring with us, like hand sanitizer and hand cream.

How will this Travel Set make it easier for you?

Convenient Travel Set-RoseSensationIn the last few years, we have been placed in highly hygienic circumstances where hand sanitizers and hand creams have been one of the most bought products and, of course, the most forgotten, as statistics show.
That's why we created this mini travel set so that you can put it in your travel bag or the car. When you need clean hands, the sanitizer will be there. And then the cream, in turn, for nourishment and additional hygiene with the antibacterial properties of rose oil.

Why natural hand sanitation?

Going back in time, when exceptional hand hygiene was required, we looked at red hands, dermatitis, and irritated skin, especially children at school. Since such friendly and helpful natural options exist, aggressive synthetic sanitizing agents were massively used. We created this set with everything you need for natural hand hygiene without irritating and inflaming the skin. Starting with rose water for babies and toddlers, then the natural hand cleanser for children and adults, and finally, we reach our wonderful hand cream, which, thanks to the rose oil, has both nourishing and antibacterial properties.

What is included in this travel set?

Why natural hand sanitation?

  • Rosewater spray
  • If you're flying or going on a road trip, our rosewater spray can be of insignificant help.
    In case of a headache or nausea, spray your face and neckline. You can spray rosewater on your palms and rub them. You can also use this spray to clean cuts and wounds. 

    Rose water spray is also first-aid for sunburn to calm irritated skin. 

    Spray your hair if it does not look fresh and shiny. You can spray your pillow to calm down and sleep well. Spray yourself every day to show love to yourself.

    • Hand Cleanser Spay

    Love your hands; they work for you every day, do not torcher them with harmful hand sanitizers; instead, use natural care.

    Last few years, we have seen many irritated hands from sanitizers, which is why we created a natural hand sanitizer spray with rose water to nourish and moisturize your beautiful hands. Rose hydroxyl has anti-septic solid and anti-microbial properties, which is an excellent choice if you like natural sanitizers. Our rose sanitizer is compact and lets you have whatever you need for clean hands. It's an excellent sanitizer for dirty school hands, smells nice, and kids love it. The compact size of our rose sanitizer can fit perfectly in a small pocket.

  • Natural Rose Hand Cream
  • Lastly, we input our top-selling rose hand cream in this set to take care of your adorable hands. 
    Our customers like this cream so much that despite the compact size, most prefer to have one everywhere, at work, at home, in the car, at their significant one's place :)), at my best friend, in case I forget mine. It is natural, smells nice of roses, and is uplifting. Rose oil nourishes and makes the skin tender and soft. In addition, Rosa Damascena promotes confidence and self-love, awakens our femininity, and turns us into powerful queens.

    What should I buy for the holidays?

    What to get Mom for Mother's Day?

    Honor your mom. Mothers are the highest form of femininity for us, so get them something special like this luxury travel set. Imagine our beautiful travel set in her hands, how she unties the elegant ribbon, and then a surprise - these three exquisite products. When she tries the cream on her hands, which have become rough with time, and then inhales the rose fragrance, you will notice her gentle, motherly smile.

    What should I choose for my teenage daughter?

    If you're trying to impress a bored teenage girl, you know this product will get the job well done. Teens like roses. She will fall in love with this travel set once she tries on the hand cream or sprays rose water on her face, the rash on the face calms down after a week. Lastly, its compact size will let her have it in her backpack and share it with her girlfriends.

    What should I pick for my girlfriend for Valentine's day?

    Gentlemen, if you are on this page, you are the winner. Know that girls, we love roses in any form, and you will make us feel very special in a romantic but not typical way.
    The aroma of Rosa Damascena enhances the mood and increases longing. Treat her hands with tender massage with our rose cream, and she will give you the key from her heart.

    What should I give my best girlfriend for her birthday?

    There's nothing better than sharing your favorite things, like the most loved rose hand cream, with your best friends. Shared joy is even greater.
    Most of our ladies buy more travel sets to give and share with their best girlfriends. 
    An excellent choice for Christmas, a birthday, or to say "thank you." It is compact, luxurious, and well-priced.

    What to get my clients for Christmas to say thank you?

    Be original, especially if they are essential to you. Do not buy candles - they have thousands of them already. Customers don't expect such an elegant gift that will grab them and impress like our travel set, which is at the same time luxurious but not too personal.