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Rose skin set

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In this set, we have put the best natural care for our skin.
The skin is the largest organ that our body breathes with, so give it this opportunity, do not congest it with chemicals.
This Rose Signature Skin Set aims to slow down skin aging and nourish and refresh it. The set helps you improve your energy and feminine tonus, emotional balance, self-esteem, and confidence.

How will RoseSensation Signature Skin Care Set help?

Signature skincare set-RoseSensation
  • Our natural shower gel will not aggressively wash and dry the skin. In turn, the body lotion will moisturize and nourish the skin, stimulating collagen production and improving blood circulation and skin elasticity.
  • The pleasant rose aroma from both products will gently embrace you in its healing and soothing hug. It will awaken new power to believe in yourself and deal with what you have started. Note that only natural aromatics can have a healing impact on us, not artificial fragrances. 
  • Pretty women...walking down the street. Pretty women….
    Be sure every gentleman you pass will notice your rose-lush and adorable presence.
  • On a spiritual level, it will cleanse old harmful congestion and raise your spiritual vibe.

Are we pleased with our products’ ingredients?

We are proud to note that Rosa Damascena oil and hydrosol are one of the most luxurious ingredients in cosmetics for skin and hair. Since we produce them ourselves, we can offer you authentic rose oil in large quantities, not just an artificial fragrance for advertising.

Because we admire nature, we made our new cosmetic line completely natural, free of parabens, cruelty, and sulfate. Our new packaging is fully recyclable.
When we grow our roses, we don't destroy the surrounding ecosystem and save every bird's nest, for example. We do not use pesticides and heavy equipment; we manually cultivate our fields.

How do rose oil and hydrosol help us?

Skincare set with rose oil and rosewater
  • Skincare

Aromatic products derived from Rosa Damascena are highly valued in the skin care industry for their rejuvenating and soothing properties for mature skin and young skin with acne problems. This is because rose oil and hydrosol contain antioxidants that neutralize free radicals. These aromatic ingredients support skin health by improving elasticity, firming the skin, boosting blood circulation, and having solid antibacterial ingredients.

  • Healing properties

Liquid healing gold, as we call it, is rich in anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and antioxidant compounds such as alpha-pinene, benzaldehyde, beta-pinene, camphene, carvone, cinnamaldehyde, citronellol, eugenol, making it a great ingredient in creating various medications to treat skin problems and infections.

  • Aromatherapy

In the last several years, much research has been done, and it has been successfully used in aromatherapy to combat insomnia, anxiety, and depression. More modern psychologists prefer to choose Rose Oil aromatherapy as a primary or supporting treatment.

  • Spiritual Hygiene

In esotericism, Roseotto is highly valued for its strong spiritual cleansing abilities. Spiritual hygiene is something many people ignore, but many issues start from here. Once our inner self notices some impurity starts a dialogue inside us, accusation, criticism, then our vibration goes down. After that, we begin to have problems with our sleep, and doubts start to creep in….
Rose Oil will cleanse the negative spiritual impurity, quiet the mind, and filter the messages from our Higher Self. When our spirit is clean, our minds will be calm and tidy. We will feel light and happy. 

RoseSensation Skin Signature Set is helpful in many ways, and the main one is bringing joy into your daily life…so enjoy.